Call To Action

Immigration Committee

9/20/18: PROTEST I.C.E. At the La Plata County Courthouse

Angry about families being ripped apart at the border?
It’s happening here, too.

Concerned citizens – members of Indivisible and beyond – have been DAILY protesting the round up of undocumented immigrants in our community, at our Courthouse.

Civil Rights Committee

09/09/18: Defend Durango’s Homeless

ACTION:   Communicate with Durango City Council about safety concerns of the homeless community due to: 1) potential health risks associated with the dog park at the former uranium mill, and 2) ceasing the requirement for the homeless to set up and break down their tents every day.

Immigration Committee

6/19/18: Keep Families Together Act


Hi, my name is …, I’m a constituent from “i.e., Durango” zip code 81***.   I support the KEEP FAMILIES TOGETHER ACT.  The inhumane separation policy exacerbates the trauma these children and their parents face.

Income, Taxes & Your Money Committee

3/9: Senate Banking & Mortgage Deregulation

Provisions in S. 2155 would weaken important consumer protections, undermine the independence of the CFPB as our nation’s chief consumer protection watchdog, and go well beyond the bill’s stated purpose of providing regulatory relief to small financial institutions.


Environment & Climate Change Committee

3/1: Comment On Offshore Drilling

The Department of Interior has announced plans to expand offshore oil and gas drilling in U.S. waters, including the Atlantic, Pacific, Arctic, and Gulf of Mexico.  This devastating plan would overturn the current 5 year program which protects these areas and was developed by years of environmental review and input from millions of citizens.