Monthly Archives: July 2017

Income, Taxes & Your Money

7/24: Interference with Consumer Financial Protection Bureau “Arbitration Rule”

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau finalized a rule to prohibit banks and lenders that break the law from stripping customers of the right to join together and hold them accountable in class action lawsuits. The CFPB rule fulfills a Congressional directive in Dodd-Frank tasking it to study forced arbitration,

Healthcare Committee

7/20: Call Senator Gardner & Tell Him to Reject Repeal & Replace

Repeal and replace is back on with a sweetner for states that expanded Medicaid. Could this one pass? Keep contacting Senator Gardner & tell him to vote ‘NO’ on the Senate healthcare bill.


Healthcare Committee

7/14: Resume Health Care Demonstrations – JULY 17-20

The Senate will be voting on a health care bill late next week. Immediate action is needed to prevent this disastrous bill from passing.

Senate Vote: Expected late week of July 17th

Demonstrations: July 17 thru July 20th


Government Process Committee

7/6: Colorado Voter Records to be Turned Over to Trump’s Panel

As posted by Barbara McLachlan, Colorado HD-59 rep, on her Facebook page Sunday: “The White House has asked every state for the personal and public data of the country’s 200 million voters to collect evidence of election irregularities.

Immigration Committee

7/3: Kate’s Law & No Sanctuary for Criminals Legislation

These bills are controversial, effectively serving as attacks on sanctuary cities. Kate’s Law increases the minimum penalties for any immigrant who attempts to re-enter the US after being deported. Written in reaction to the death of Katie Steinle in San Francisco,