4/9/18: Comment on the Proposed Rescission or Revision for the BLM Methane Rule

Deadline to Comment: Monday, April 23, 2018

Action:  Submit a comment to the Bureau of Land Management opposing the proposed rescission or revision of certain requirements of the Methane Rule.

Comment here: https://www.regulations.gov/docket?D=BLM-2018-000

Why is this important:  Our Four Corners Region is a “Methane Hotspot”. Methane accounts for 10% of all U.S. greenhouse gas emissions, so it contributes enormously to climate change. Not capturing Methane is a waste of resources and a loss of revenue to the US. The Methane Rule was designed to protect the public health and the environment from wasteful leaks, venting and flaring of natural gas and dangerous pollutants on federal and tribal lands. This proposal is aimed to “gut” the Methane Rule and essentially remove these protections and waste these resources. The BLM is again trying to circumvent Court rulings stopping them from delaying the Methane Rule.

 The BLM is trying to revise the Methane Rule due to the “cost, complexity and other implications”.  In other words, the BLM is concerned that the Methane Rule will be too costly for industry without considering the pollution and environment effects of methane leaks. Repealing or weakening these common sense protections unnecessarily threatens our health, pocketbooks and our climate. The BLM is accepting public comments on revising or rescinding the Methane Rule. Demand the BLM implement the Methane Rule as planned to protect public interest, not special interests.

Suggested comment: It is best to personalize your comment as much as possible.

I am writing in opposition to the Bureau of Land Management’s (BLM) proposed rule to revise the “Waste Prevention, Production Subject to Royalties and Resource Conservation” (“2016 final rule”). The 2016 final rule was created after years of thorough research and public involvement. It does not impose excessive or unnecessary cost or complexity on energy development companies. It provides necessary protections to our health and environment, while helping to inspire innovations to capture the methane gas to increase royalty payments to the US and reduce unnecessary waste of our natural resources.  These royalties can help fund necessary infrastructure in communities like mine.

It is critical that these protections not be rescinded and go into effect as soon as possible. Methane pollution accelerates climate change, increases smog, and threatens public health through toxic air pollutants like benzene.

I strongly oppose the proposed rule and oppose any revisions or rescission of the 2016 final rule. My community needs the protections of the 2016 final rule.

WHO ARE COMMITTEE CONTACTS:   Gail Harriss gailh@mydurango.net

For further information, please copy & paste the following link: click on: http://saveepaalums.info/BLMMethaneRepeal (includes excellent information re the Methane Rule and talking points.