Gun Safety

Gun Safety Committee

1/26: Concealed Carry Reciprocity

NAME OF ISSUE:   – H.B. 38 passed 12/6/17 and sent to Senate
SENATE BILL # 446:  Introduced, Read Twice, Referred to Judiciary Committee

SUGGESTED MEMBER SCRIPT:   Hi, my name is …,

Gun Safety Committee

9/15: Oppose The SHARE Act (Sportsmen’s Heritage and Recreational Enhancement Act)

HR 3668 has passed out of the House Natural Resources Committee and is moving FAST in Congress. This NRA-backed bill would make it easier for felons and domestic abusers to buy gun silencers – putting gun industry profits ahead of safety.

Gun Safety Committee

5/22: Attend the #WearOrange Rally On June 3

Colorado has the 7th highest suicide rate in the country and typically more than half of these deaths involve firearms!  More than 500 Coloradans took their own lives with a firearm in 2014.  We need to work together to promote safe gun storage and the BeSMART program to protect our kids and teens.