Please Vote in the LPEA Election – Ballots Due May 11!

If You Pay an Electric Bill, You Get to Vote for LPEA’s Board of Directors (regardless of citizenship or voter registration).
WHY THIS YEAR’S ELECTION IS ESPECIALLY IMPORTANT:Renewable energy is now LESS EXPENSIVE than coal in Colorado, and declining! Yet, LPEA is required to buy 95% of our electricity from Tri-State (which generates 60% of its electricity from coal) until 2050. The LPEA Board will steer us through this shifting energy industry. We need directors willing to do what is best to keep our rates low, our local economy thriving, and our air and water clean.  We need directors who are forward thinking and willing to explore options.
Less than 25% of our community votes in the LPEA election.
Your vote matters. Please Fill out your Ballot TODAY!!

After considering our mission statement and the statement of the candidates for the LPEA Election, your co-facilitators of Indivisible Environment/Climate are sharing with you the candidates they think will be most supportive of our mission to advocate for the protection of the environment; and against policies that contribute to climate change; and for solutions to climate change. This is not an endorsement of any particular candidate by Indivisible Durango.

Britt Bassett (District 3)– is committed to pursuing clean energy, local development and lower rates. He is willing to question the status quo and see how our electric coop can rely more on renewable energy.  LPEA should give greater importance to its commitment to being environmentally responsibility.

Tim Wheeler (District 4) – recognizes that the electricity market is changing quickly. We must transition to clean, local renewable energy soon to keep our rates low and our air clean.  Tim thinks LPEA needs to look at all our options in this changing energy market, including looking into a buyout of the Tri-State contract.

Jeff Mannix (District 2) – thinks it is important for LPEA to plan for future technologies. The 5% restriction in the Tri-State contract for local energy production is preventing LPEA from pursuing more local renewable energy. There is great potential to produce local renewable energy, solar farms in south LPC, which will decrease our reliance on coal and bring money to our local economy.

Kirsten Skeehan (District 1) – is committed to working for secure and affordable rates, the security ofand diversity of our electricity portfolio, and a secure distribution and electric grid.  LPEA members should not have to tolerate “second class service”. She supports LPEA exploring options regarding our future energy needs and wants to find the most affordable energy possible.

For additional information:  Click on link from the San Juan Citizens Alliance Website:  San Juan Citizens Alliance – Energy Costs