9/20/18: PROTEST I.C.E. At the La Plata County Courthouse

Angry about families being ripped apart at the border?
It’s happening here, too.

Concerned citizens – members of Indivisible and beyond – have been DAILY protesting the round up of undocumented immigrants in our community, at our Courthouse. Typically 1-3 people protest at a time, at different times of day.

The last Wednesday of each month is a day that translators are available at the County Courthouse. Many non-English speakers are scheduled for court on that day, typically appearing to pay minor fines for misdemeanors, etc.

We will be there on Wednesday, September 26 to deter I.C.E.(Immigration and Customs Enforcement).

Our small presence has made a HUGE difference – by simply showing up, we make it easier for immigrants to come, pay their fine, and go about their lives unmolested. We have been thanked by immigrants, by attorneys, by the police and deputy sheriffs.

We want a bigger presence next Wednesday to send a clear message that we support DREAMERS and other undocumented people and wish them no harm.

Want to know more? Read this article about Edin Ramos, a business owner, husband and father (of Americans) being ripped out of Bayfield.
Before we started protesting, THREE people had been picked up at the courthouse between July 29 (the last translator court) and August 5. NONE has been since… let’s keep it that way!

Please join the protestors for an hour (or more!) on Wednesday, August 26th at 10:00. We will be inviting media, etc. to document this protest. Bring Signs! Bring Outrage! Support the most vulnerable among us.

See you there?