7/20: Call Senator Gardner & Tell Him to Reject Repeal & Replace

Repeal and replace is back on with a sweetner for states that expanded Medicaid. Could this one pass? Keep contacting Senator Gardner & tell him to vote ‘NO’ on the Senate healthcare bill.


It is estimated that a GOP health care bill late will be voted on in the Senate late next week. The bill introduced in the Senate thus far results in major cuts to Medicaid and reductions in subsidies for coverage, shifts the burden of responsibility for coverage onto states, allows waivers so states can opt out of essential health benefits, allows insurance companies to charge more for coverage based on health status, and increases the cost of coverage by a factor of 5 or more for older Americans.

Senator Gardner’s “NO” vote is critical.



Suggested language:

My name is _____. I am a constituent from (Durango) (zip code). I am asking Sen. Gardner to vote NO on the Senate health care bill. That bill would result in millions of Americans and many thousands of Coloradans losing their health care. Passing a bill this critical and far reaching should not be done in secret without discussion and debate on its consequences, as well as without public hearings. Vote in the best interests of your constituents, not just in support of your party.

Senator Cory Gardner

(970) 259-1231 (Durango) (202) 224-5941 (DC Office)



The Senate will be voting on a health care bill late next week. Immediate action is needed to prevent this disastrous bill from passing.