4/27: GOP Vote on Healthcare Bill

Threatened upcoming vote in House on Friday, 4/28/17 on revised health care bill, worse than the first one! This one will result in loss of health care coverage for millions of Americans.


Representative Scott Tipton(970) 259-1490 (Durango) 202-225-4761 (DC Office)



My name is _____. I am a constituent from Durango (zip code). I am asking Rep. Tipton to vote NO for any health care bill that would result in millions of Americans and many thousands of Coloradans losing their health care. Passing a bill this critical and far reaching should not be done without further discussion and debate on its consequences. Vote in the best interests of your constituents, not the best interest of your party.


Again, this one will result in loss of health care coverage for millions of Americans. In addition to major cuts to Medicaid and reductions in subsidies for coverage that were included in the initial, failed bill, this will:

1) Shift the burden of responsibility for coverage onto states,

2) Allow waivers so states can opt out of the “essential health benefits” requirement,

3) Charge more for coverage based on one’s health status and increases the cost of coverage by a factor of 5 or more for older Americans.

In addition, pushing for a vote on the bill on 4/28/17 through the House will not allow time for review by the Congressional Budget Office. It is believed that the hope of the GOP and Trump to accomplish repeal of Obamacare before Trump’s 100th day