11/8: Equitable Disaster Relief Funding to Puerto Rico

Puerto Ricans are Americans. The disaster relief funding provided to them lags behind the others impacted by recent disasters both by delays in providing relief, and funding to aid in restoring their territory, especially for essentials such as power, public health water issues, food and cell service.
Hi, my name is …, I’m a constituent from “i.e., Durango” zip code 81***.   I am in favor of approving equitable disaster relief funding to Puerto Rico, based on the same average amount paid per capita to those impacted by Hurricane Harvey in the Houston, TX area, and those impacted in Florida by Hurricane Irma. Currently the funds provided to Puerto Rico lag behind amounts paid in TX and FL. We cannot forget these Americans or make them fend for themselves because they do not reside on the American mainland.”


WHEN IS MEMBER TO CALL OR WRITE – as soon as practical

For further information, click on link below:  http://www.msnbc.com/am-joy/watch/puerto-rico-hurricane-recovery-lags-u-s-virgin-islands-has-hope-1078613059581