2/22: Deadline To Comment On EPA Proposed Changes To Clean Power Act

Submit a comment to the EPA opposing repeal and replacement of the Clean Power Plan

Comment here: Please click on this linkhttps://www.regulations.gov and copy and paste “EPA-HQ-OAR-2017-0545-0001″ in the search box.  Then click “comment now” in upper right hand corner.
Why is this important:  The EPA must address all comments submitted in their rulemaking to replace the Clean Power Plan (“CPP”).  They want to enact rules to limit greenhouse gas emissions from existing power plants.  This will allow greater CO2 emissions. This will be to replace the CPP. If the CPP is repealed, we need effective regulations or laws in place that will reduce carbon emissions. Carbon emissions are a significant cause of climate change, with resulting increased temperatures of the oceans and air causing more severe weather events. CO2 emissions cause significant health problems.  The first step is to oppose repeal of the CPP.
Suggested comment on the proposed replacement of the Clean Power Plan:
Personalize your comments and include factual concerns.
I am deeply concerned about the effects of climate change, especially in the wake of extreme weather events that are fueled by increased temperatures – more severe hurricanes, increased flooding, and more numerous and severe wildfires. I live in SW Colorado and we had had an unusually warm and dry winter. We are in the middle of a drought. The lack of snow during the winter greatly increases our risk of wildfires this summer. I am extremely concerned about increasing drought in our area, with the increased risk of wildfires due to climate change.
The Clean Power Plan is needed to mitigate climate change and it should not be repealed. We should have further measures to reduce CO2 emissions to protect the health of our families and communities. Limiting carbon pollution from coal power plants doesn’t just help us fight climate change, the EPA has previously reported that the Clean Power Plan would prevent 90,000 asthma attacks, and 3,600 premature deaths annually by 2030.

Additionally, low income families and communities and communities of color will bear the impact of climate change and rising oceans and more severe weather events. Repealing or weakening the Clean Power Plan will cause increased financial harm and adversely affect the health of these communities.  Please do not replace the Clean Power Plan with this proposal.

If you do repeal the Clean Power Plan, I am requesting that you immediately impose a fee on carbon emissions. It is unjust that polluters are throwing “garbage” in the form of carbon emissions, into the air without paying for releasing this carbon. Please impose a fee on carbon and return the funds collected in the form of a dividend to American households. Our personal health and our financial health, due to the costs of these more frequent and intense weather disasters, depend on immediate action.

WHO ARE COMMITTEE CONTACTS: Gail Harrissgailh@mydurango.net and Steve Monroe sm3662@gmail.com

For further information: 

https://www.addup.org/campaigns/our-nations-biggest-climate-action-is-under-attack-speak-up-to-defend-it-438511/petition/our-nations-biggest-climate-action-is-under-attack-speak-up-to-defend-it   (Sierra Club)