Immigration Committee

7/3: Kate’s Law & No Sanctuary for Criminals Legislation

These bills are controversial, effectively serving as attacks on sanctuary cities. Kate’s Law increases the minimum penalties for any immigrant who attempts to re-enter the US after being deported. Written in reaction to the death of Katie Steinle in San Francisco,

Immigration Committee

6/22: Join the “Harvest of Empire” Film Screening on June 29th!

FREE PUBLIC MOVIE! This film is about the history US relations with countries of the Caribbean. The screening is promoted by Immigration Committee and sponsored by Campaneros and FLC’s Center for SW Studies on June 29th at FLC’s Center for SW Studies.

Immigration Committee

4/2: Federal Budget Funding for a Border Wall

The wall between the U.S & Mexico is an economic and environmental disaster harming our relationship with our southern neighbor. The Mexican birth rate is down and the Mexican economy is improving. This leads to the demographers’ conclusion that Mexico will not have surplus workers by the year 2030.