Call To Action

Environment & Climate Committee

5/12: Public Comments on EPA’s Evaluation of Existing Regulations

In his first months in office, President Trump issued executive orders requiring agencies to cut back regulations, focusing on, but not limited to those from President Obama’s climate change agenda. To begin the process, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is gathering public comments on “regulations that may be appropriate for repeal,

National Security Committee

5/10: Demand an Independent, Bipartisan Russia Probe

With the firing of FBI director James Comey, it’s more important than ever to put pressure on our elected officials and demand and independent commission to conduct the Russia investigation.


UPDATE: Keep Calling For an Independent,

Public Lands & Environment Commitee

5/8: Methane Gas Rule

The US House of Representatives voted earlier to pass a resolution to undo a measure that would cut air pollution, prevent the waste of taxpayer dollars, and curb climate change-causing problems (the methane waste prevention rule designed to limit venting, flaring, and leaking of methane from natural gas.) This rule is finally due to be voted on this week in the Senate.

Healthcare Committee

5/8: Die-In & Picket Scott Tipton

Tipton is scheduled to speak at the Montezuma County Courthouse on Monday morning, May 8th in Cortez. The Indivisible Groups in that area have invited us to join them. Let’s go demonstrate how we feel about Rep Tipton’s vote for Trumpcare. Please bring signs that look like grave markers,

Income, Taxes & Your Money Committee

5/4: Consumer Protection & Banking Regulations

H.R. 10 would dismantle the 2010 Wall Street reform legislation, known as the Dodd-Frank Act. This law created the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB), an agency committed to protecting consumers and making sure that banks, lenders, and other financial institutions treat you fairly.

Healthcare Committee

4/27: GOP Vote on Healthcare Bill

Threatened upcoming vote in House on Friday, 4/28/17 on revised health care bill, worse than the first one! This one will result in loss of health care coverage for millions of Americans.


Representative Scott Tipton(970) 259-1490 (Durango) 202-225-4761 (DC Office)


Education Committee

4/24: Trump’s Proposed Cuts to Higher Education

The TRiO program includes 8 programs targeted to serve students of first-generation, low income and disabled participants by providing academic support in order to complete secondary and post-secondary education. SEOG monies provide need-based income to around 1.6 million low-income undergraduates a year. 

Immigration Committee

4/2: Federal Budget Funding for a Border Wall

The wall between the U.S & Mexico is an economic and environmental disaster harming our relationship with our southern neighbor. The Mexican birth rate is down and the Mexican economy is improving. This leads to the demographers’ conclusion that Mexico will not have surplus workers by the year 2030.