Support Fair & Prompt Retrial Liberty

NAME OF ISSUE:  Protect Colorado Residents From Federal Government Overreach

BILL #: (Colorado) SB 19-191, 

Hi, my name is …, I’m a constituent from “i.e., Durango” zip code 81***.   I am strongly supporting SB 19-191. Vote Yes. on Fair & Prompt Pretrial Liberty..
Thank you for your time and attention.”

WHO MEMBER IS TO CONTACT:    Colorado Senate  Contact State Representative Barbara McLachlan, 303-866-2914, or write at The bill will be voted on this next week in the Colorado Legislature.

WHEN IS MEMBER TO CALL OR WRITE: ASAP, tomorrow April 29, 2019

Many people are kept in jail waiting for 3 to 20 days for their 1stbond hearing, even though the law requires hearings be held within 48 hours. Poor residents of Colorado spend too many days in jail awaiting a hearing or for their inability to pay excessive court/jail fees, often for misdemeanor warrants. These practices raise court costs, jail costs, and cause loss of jobs for our citizens.  This bill will require the courts to bring people within the 48 hours timeframe. It will also end extraordinary fees many courts currently require of these people.

Organizations supporting this bill:  ACLU of Colorado, *American Bail Coalition, *Americans for Prosperity, *Colorado Criminal Justice Reform Coalition, *Colorado Criminal Defense Bar, *Colorado Freedom Fund