Civil Rights Committee

Federal Equality Act

NAME OF ISSUE:   Federal Equality Act, a federal bill that will add LGBTQ+ people to existing civil rights laws and strengthen protections in employment,

Indivisible Durango

02/20/19: The National Popular Vote!

NAME OF ISSUE: National Popular Vote – Colorado House of Representatives

CO BILL # SB19-042


Indivisible Durango

02/02/19: Be A Snowdown Hero!

The Durango Food Bank really needs donations, as they got hit unexpectedly hard during the Federal Government shutdown. Can you help Indivisible Durango by volunteering for the Durango Food Bank?

Indivisible Durango

Join the 2019 Women’s March!

Speakers will include Katie Young, Planned ParenthoodCommunity Organizer; Captain Gail Harris, (United StatesNavy, Ret.); April Yazza, 2018-2019 Ms. Hozhoni, FLC; Barbara McLachlan, Colorado State House Representative,

Immigration Committee

9/20/18: PROTEST I.C.E. At the La Plata County Courthouse

Angry about families being ripped apart at the border?
It’s happening here, too.

Concerned citizens –