Education Committee

4/24 – 5/9: Betsy De Vos Post Card Campaign

The Education Committee needs you to send postcards to Secretary of Education Betsy de Vos & voice your support for public educators. 

National Security Committee

5/3: Special Prosecutor in Russia Probe

According to recent reports, the investigation into Russia has stalled in the Senate Intelligence Committee. Call your 3 representatives & keep demanding a special prosecutor to investigate President Trump’s ties to Russia.

Taxes & Your Money Committee

5/2: President Trump’s Tax Plan

Trump’s tax scheme is a $2 Trillion shift from the working class to the billionaire class, worsening income inequality and increasing the federal budget deficit.

Healthcare Committee

4/27: GOP Vote on Healthcare Bill

Threatened upcoming vote in House on Friday, 4/28/17 on revised health care bill, worse than the first one! This one will result in loss of health care coverage for millions of Americans.

Education Committee

4/24: Trump’s Proposed Cuts to Higher Education

The TRiO program includes 8 programs targeted to serve students of first-generation, low income and disabled participants by providing academic support in order to complete secondary and post-secondary education. 

Immigration Committee

4/2: Federal Budget Funding for a Border Wall

The wall between the U.S & Mexico is an economic and environmental disaster harming our relationship with our southern neighbor.