National Security Committee

5/25: President Trump’s Proposed Budget

President Donald Trump is proposing a $54 billion increase in military spending in proposed budget. The problem is, the increase would take $54 billion from domestic agencies and give it to the Department of Defense.

Environment & Climate Committee

5/23: Regulatory Accountability Act (RAA)

# S. 951 – This bill would undermine the entire system of public protections that Americans rely on for clean air, potable water,

Gun Safety Committee

5/22: Attend the #WearOrange Rally On June 3

Colorado has the 7th highest suicide rate in the country and typically more than half of these deaths involve firearms! 

Public Lands Committee

5/22: Information for Bear Ears Public Comment

The Public Lands Committee has important information to help you be effective while making public comments on Bears Ears National Monument.

Public Lands Committee

5/19: Public Comment by May 26 on Bears Ears National Monument

An executive order signed last month by President Donald Trump directs Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke to review 27 national monuments established or expanded by three other presidents since 1996.

Income, Taxes & Your Money Committee

5/18: Force A House Vote to Get Trump’s Tax Returns

It’s imperative that Americans know what Trump’s tax returns say about his financial ties and interests.

House Democrats are using a parliamentary procedure known as a discharge petition to force the Presidential Tax Transparency Act to a vote on the House floor.